3 Key IT Services Provided By NetServ Engineering

With a customized IT service and maintenance contract with NetServ Engineering, our expert team offers our clients reliable, knowledgeable, and on-demand IT support. Our team provides clients with a range of network services and computer maintenance. Your service and maintenance contract even includes the labor of a personal engineer so that you receive the individualized attention your business needs.

Data Migration

Whether you need storage, cloud, or application migration, there needs to be thorough planning and a solid strategy to ensure that the process is completed safely. NetServ Engineering’s IT specialists can provide you with the confidence that your migration will be completed safely, smoothly, and without issue.

Data migration can be a complicated process and your business will benefit from the assistance of a professional IT company. Data migration may become necessary for replacing data storage equipment, upgrading your server, consolidating your website, or relocating your information to an off-site data center.


For all sizes and types of businesses, IT security should be a top priority in order to protect your customers, employees, and the business itself. NetServ Engineering provides innovative, proactive solutions and can ensure that servers, networks, and the information stored there are safe.

Our team of experts will customize a security solution for your business and find the best way to provide server protection for any organization. An all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy is crucial to implementing new technology and databases. Proven methodologies in data security can be customized to fit your business and ensure unparalleled network security.

Backup Services

At NetServ Engineering, we understand that the information and data that is stored on your network system and server is invaluable. Our experts provide reliable remote backup services and cloud storage to give you complete peace of mind.

With our remote data backup and cloud storage, your business can be relieved of the responsibility of protecting important data such as tax records, customer contacts, and sensitive client information. Preventing data loss is important for your daily operations as well as the long-term health of your organization.

Proud to be one of the first IT support providers in South Carolina Lowcountry & Southern California able to offer small businesses a comprehensive and affordable maintenance contract, we are setting a new standard for the rest of the industry. Our on-demand IT support allows our team to protect your business, increase your productivity, and reduce security risks.